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Nigerian Food

History & Highlights

the island grill egusi pounded yam close up.jpg


The Hausa International Delight

Suya, also known as tsire, is a traditional smoked beef or chicken snack smothered in peppery Nigerian spices. Traditionally made with ground peanuts, suya is a rich and flavorful barbecued treat. This dish is so spicy that it is often served with tomatoes and/or onions to balance out the heat. 


Jollof Rice

African Jambalaya

Jollof Rice is West Africa’s tomato based, peppery rice that has captured the hearts of millions. Made with ginger, scotch and chili peppers, this dish is extremely spicy. African Americans have a version of this delicious rice called Louisiana Jambalaya brought over from West Africans who were enslaved in America. Whether you are eating the current West African version or the Louisiana off shoot, this rice is fingering licking good and goes with almost any dish. 

the island grill egusi pounded yam close up.jpg
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The Nigerian Hush Puppy

A traditional Yoruba snack, you can find Akara wherever you find Yoruba people. Because of this, Akara is popular in Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Brazil, Cuba and other countries where the Yoruba reign. This snack is similar to a hush puppy, but it is not made with corn. Akara is a black-eyed peas fritter. A delicious fried snack you can go through pretty quickly. It is a Nigerian favorite. 

Pepper Soup

A spicy soup amoungst spicy soups

Peppersoup is another Nigerian creation. Made with various meats, a variety of peppers and calabash nutmeg, this soup is known for its bite. It most commonly has a light broth texture; but its flavor profile is extremely complex with soft nutty notes, hearty meats and a leading composition of brilliant African spices. This soup has real kick and a ton of flavor. 

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